Happy Earth Farm offers only the freshest to our customers.  We offer organically fed pasture raised chickens and free range organically fed chicken eggs year round, as well as some of our canned and frozen items.  Fresh, wholesome produce is picked at the height of ripeness, and as always, following all organic growing practices.   Chickens, eggs, goods, and produce are available via phone orders for pick up at Happy Earth Farm or come visit us at "The Alley" Thursday evening market, the Aiken Farmer's Market or the  Irmo Farmer's Market.

Available Now:


Everything we grow here at Happy Earth Farm is done with the greatest of care.  We follow all organic growing practices which results in the most delicious, nutritious and healthiest vegetables.  We grow in our hoop house, raised beds and out in the planting fields.  This ensures a wide variety of delectable choices for our customers.  Pick up some perfectly ripened produce to enjoy now and also some to freeze for a special treat after the season has passed.   


Organically fed pasture raised chickens

We take possession of our broilers as day-old chicks and raise them with tender loving care.  We guarantee that no antibiotics were administered at any time and that these birds were given the highest quality, soy -free organic feed to supplement what they forage in the pastures.  These birds spend their days basking in the sun as they scamper through the fields in hot pursuit of grasshoppers, stopping only to take a taste of a dandelion or two. If you have never had a truly "pasture raised" chicken, you are missing out on the purest and fullest of flavor.  These birds not only taste great, but they are among the healthiest of proteins.  


Organically fed free range eggs

At Happy Earth Farm we raise a wide variety of laying hens because we love each breed's distinctive egg color.  Each dozen is a celebration of hues reminiscent of a natural Easter egg hunt!  Along with their organic feed, these ladies feast upon the pasture greens, bugs and a daily treat of whatever we have growing in the field. Their favorites include any type of melons, tomatoes and summer squash.  We  freeze their favorites to make sure they receive healthy treats during the winter months.  These chickens eat better than most people so it's no wonder that their eggs are rich in vitamins and flavor.  

Happy Jalapeno Honey Mustard

Made from pure local honey and Happy Earth Farm’s very own organically grown Jalapeno Peppers, our jalapeño honey mustard makes an excellent accompaniment during cocktail hour.  Just add pretzels for dipping and enjoy!  Happy Jalapeno Honey Mustard also makes a wonderful glaze or dipping sauce for pork, chicken or fish.  Word of caution: this stuff is addictive! 


It starts with our own organically grown basil and ends with a finished product full of rich flavor.  Our Happy Pesto is the perfect pasta sauce, but is also delicious on fish, chicken, eggs or any other recipe calling for pesto.  Our pesto is made super concentrated so cutting it with additional olive oil will make this sauce go twice as far.