Is A Farm Share Right For You?

Benefits of Joining Our CSA:

• Most folks join to guarantee access to the freshest, best tasting and most nutritious produce possible.  Most vegetables are at their taste and nutritional peak when harvested, and begin degrading in both immediately.  
• Many join for their health. Simply visiting the farm can be a stress reliever; eating food that is natural, clean and at its nutritional peak has obvious health benefits. 
• Supporting local farms is important to the community’s rural character and supports the local economy.
• To some families, it’s about interacting with nature, visiting the farm, experiencing life on the farm and helping children learn how their food is grown
• For some it’s about reducing the amount of food miles your food travels, and the amount of fossil fuels that are used to transport your food, (your average store-bought vegetable travels over 1500 miles before it’s consumed).
• For many it’s an opportunity to enjoy the community environment of like-minded people sharing the vegetables, along with recipes, ideas and experiences.

Reasons A CSA Might Not Be Right For You:

• If you want every type of vegetable, each and every week, a CSA might not be right for you. Eating seasonally means that you eat the crops that are at the peak of ripeness at that point in the season. Early in the year, that could mean most of the ingredients for a salad, but no Summer or Fall vegetables. In July, you won’t receive any spinach or lettuce, but the summer squashes and watermelons will be delicious!  We grow seasonally, as nature intended it.
• If you prefer vegetables that are perfectly formed, blemish and dirt-free, our CSA might not be right for you. Our veggies are healthy, natural, sometimes are not perfect and usually still have dirt on them.  We don’t wash our vegetables as we never put anything on them that requires removal.
• We prefer members who are happy and positive, with can-do type of personalities... our farm is meant to be a great, positive experience for you, your family, your fellow members, and for us! We welcome constructive feedback, but please remember, we work our tails off in blazing sun and pouring rain to bring you delicious vegetables! 



Becoming a member is simple! If you would like to use a credit card, click on the red link below which will take you directly to the farm share options.  Or contact us directly to subscribe and pay by cash or check by clicking on the "Contact Happy Earth Farm" at the bottom of this page

Please be sure you fully understand what a CSA Farm Share is truly about before you join!