Happy Earth Farm CSA Details


What To Expect

Members of the Happy Earth Farm CSA can expect freshly picked seasonal fruits and veggies every week.  In the late spring, your bounty will be mostly greens  (such as lettuces, kale, spinach, scallions, onions, arugula, swiss chard, potatoes). As the summer months unfold, you will feast on yellow squash, zucchini, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, sweet and hot peppers, traditional and Japanese eggplant, melons, watermelon, blueberries.  The late summer months will bring us acorn, spaghetti, and butternut squash, sweet and hot peppers, eggplant, lettuces, and other early greens.  At Happy Earth Farm, we firmly believe that eating locally and seasonally is the healthiest way to consume our daily nutritional needs.  By becoming a member of our CSA, you can guarantee that you will be eating the cleanest, most nutritious fruits and veggies.  


CSA vs Store Bought

Joining  the Happy Earth Farm CSA is a cost effective way of eating locally, cleanly and healthy.  Our prices are comparable to what you will find at the grocery store, but you get the added benefit of being certain that what you are consuming was picked within a day or two of pick up, thus at the height of nutritional value and taste. You will also know that your produce was grown following all organic practices. Additionally, you will become part of the Happy Earth Farm "family".  Our loyal customers confess to looking forward to coming out to the farm to pick up their produce, chicken and eggs.  They feel a blanket of calm wash over them as they forget about their hectic lives,  breathe in the country air and listen to the farmyard sounds.  


CSA Dates

Members of our CSA will receive a share for 18 weeks during the late Spring/Summer/early Fall.  Our planned start date will be the week of May 22nd, with the planned end date the week of September 18th.  However, since our crop success is dependent on many uncontrollable factors, and because we want to make certain our members receive as much value for their subscription as possible, these start and end dates must, of necessity, be flexible.  If we have a colder Spring than usual, we may start a week later; warmer than usual, a week earlier. There is also a possibility we may suspend the program for a week or two in the hottest part of the Summer if we’re not satisfied with the quality and quantity of the crops.  The point is, we will do everything possible to provide our members with 18 weeks worth of the freshest, tastiest produce possible.


Share Size and Cost

We offer three different share sizes:

  • Small – designed for a family of two, or one vegetarian.  $450.00 (equal to $25.00 per week).

  • Medium – designed for an average family of 3 to 4.    $720.00 (equal to $40.00 per week)

  • Large – designed for a family of 5 to 6.  $990 (equal to $55.00 per week)

To determine which share size is best for you, we suggest you consider the following, as our share sizes are based on these averages:

  • number of meals/week you eat at home (average is 4 to 5)

  • number of veggies you normally serve at each meal (average is 1 to 2)

  • volume of veggies your family consumes/serving (average is 4 to 5 oz) 


Add Ons

By becoming a member of our CSA program, you will also receive priority in ordering other Happy Earth Farm products like eggs, chickens, holiday turkeys and, beginning later in 2017, grass fed beef.  For eggs and chickens, you will be able to order these weekly and have them added to your farm share.



Share Pick-up

We will have two pick-up options:

  • For our Aiken area members, pick-up will be at Happy Earth Farm on Wednesdays between 3:00 and 6:00 pm.  For those not familiar with the farm, we are located about 10 minutes north of downtown Aiken, just off of Highway 19.

  • For our Columbia/Irmo area members, pick-up will be at the regular Saturday morning Soda City Farmers Market in downtown Columbia.

We will also offer a home delivery option for our Aiken area members.  Cost of delivery will be based on the number of members requesting delivery and their locations, but should be around $10-$15 per week.



  • The CSA will run for 18 weeks, with a projected start date of May 22nd and finish date of September 18th.  We reserve the right to alter these start and finish dates, and to temporarily suspend the CSA, based on weather conditions.  However, our goal is to provide members with 18 weeks of produce.

  • All CSA membership/subscription charges are non-refundable.  We plan our crop plantings around membership totals.  Memberships are, however, transferable.  So, if for any reason you will not be able to use a portion of your subscription, you are free to sell/transfer the balance of your subscription.  Just let us know.  Home delivery charges are not transferable or refundable.

  • No refunds will be given for unused weekly shares (i.e. vacations or missed weekly pick-ups).  Feel free to have a friend or neighbor pick up and enjoy your share while you’re away.  But again, please let us know in advance.  Any shares not picked up may be donated to Golden Harvest Food Bank or another charitable group.



Becoming a member is simple! If you would like to use a credit card, click on the red link below which will take you directly to the farm share options.  Or contact us directly to subscribe and pay by cash or check by clicking on the "Contact Happy Earth Farm" at the bottom of this page