What is a CSA?

What is a CSA Farm Share?

A “Farm Share” is a simple idea in which a “Member” buys a “Share” of a farmer’s harvest at the beginning of the growing season, and then comes to the farm each week to pick up their “Share” of the farm’s vegetable harvest, or that share is bagged or boxed and delivered to the shareholder. Many farm share programs are called “CSA” which stands for “Community Supported Agriculture.”  At Happy Earth Farm, being a member of our CSA also gives you first shot at our other products, like eggs, chickens, holiday turkeys and, beginning late this year, grass fed beef.

A Farm Share Program is both an investment and a risk for the farmer and the family who joins. Together we are sharing in the risks and rewards of farming. We have to understand that we are growing in South Carolina with unpredictable weather, using only natural growing methods for fertility, and against insects, fungi and bacteria – methods that meet or exceed the federal government’s organically-grown standards.  Of course, we’ve been farming this way since the beginning and attempt to take these risks into account when planning our plantings for the year.  Nevertheless, you should be aware that by joining a CSA you are assuming some of those risks. Of course, when growing conditions are optimum, you are also sharing in the bounty.

There are significant differences between joining a local CSA and purchasing from a Whole Foods or even a Farmers Market. When shopping at a Farmers Market, you can select from many vendors, but really have little idea how their produce was grown, or if they even grew it themselves. Similarly, while Whole Foods can bring you selections from hundreds of US and even international sources, you don’t truly know how those vegetables have been grown, where they’ve been grown, how they’ve been handled or when they were harvested. When you join our CSA, while we cannot offer the variety of a Whole Foods, we encourage you to visit Happy Earth Farm and walk through the fields of crops, seeing exactly how your food is grown. You can also be assured that you will receive the freshest, tastiest and healthiest produce possible, be supporting a local farm and the local economy, and be helping reduce greenhouse gases by not purchasing food shipped from the other side of the country, or world.  

When you share in one farm’s harvest, you are also sharing in seasonal crops... some crops like it hot and some like it cool. Our tomatoes for example, are field grown, not in a heated and cooled greenhouse. You will see tomatoes at farm stands long before ours are ripe. But a little patience and understanding on your part will result in amazing field-grown, vine-ripened tomatoes in your share (provided mother nature cooperates)!


Becoming a member is simple! If you would like to use a credit card, click on the red link below which will take you directly to the farm share options.  Or contact us directly to subscribe and pay by cash or check by clicking on the "Contact Happy Earth Farm" at the bottom of this page